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So right off the bat, you must be wondering what on earth Esabi means and how to pronounce it? Well in fact, it’s a lot simpler than that…

It’s literally the phonetic spelling of the letters S, R and B – the initials of owner and founder Simon. The name Esabi is also said to invoke inventiveness, willpower and stability. We kinda like it!

Ok, so we could’ve spent hours coming up with a fancy name that uses cliched terminology from our industry but where’s the fun in that? So now that we’ve cleared up that little detail, let’s talk a little bit more about what Esabi can do for you.

Esabi is the sum of our amazing team members that contribute their unique set of skills into the marketing mix.

The business might be named after the owner but without the invaluable help and hard work of everybody, we’d never get the incredible results we achieve.

Generationally, we have a fantastic blend of youth and experience. With the older heads, we can improve our strategies by tapping into years of experience of knowing what pitfalls to avoid. With our more youthful team members, we can understand how demographics are evolving and how to cater our content and strategies to their needs.

With a team that spans decades of combined experience, there’s very few digital marketers that can match us.


Get To Know Us

Hey, I’m Simon – owner and founder of Esabi. You’ll usually find me staring deeply into a computer screen analysing data, search algorithms and creating search marketing strategies for clients. At all other times, I’ll be on a tennis court hitting a yellow fuzzy ball.

Esabi may seem like a new firm but we’ve been around for quite some time now. Close to ten years.

We’re a small boutique agency that prides itself on offering a personalised, one-to-one digital and search marketing service without all the fluff, jargon and technical nonsense that causes more confusion than clarity.

We firmly believe in speaking plain English and doing things the right way.

Since as far back as 1997, I’ve been designing and developing websites, with a keen eye for search engine optimisation, clean code and standards compliant markup. Nowadays, I’m very much focussed on digital marketing and the various aspects of how Google’s AI analyses and ranks web pages.

The internet has come a long way since then. Back in the day, we had a plethora of search engines to choose from including HotBot, Excite, WebCrawler, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos, MSN Search, AOL, Infoseek, Go.com, Netscape, MetaCrawler, and All The Web.

It was a minefield. Nowadays, many of them have disappeared and there seems to be only one major player and that’s of course Google!

Some people may say it’s better this way. I’m not so sure, but that’s the way it is and there’s little sign of it changing. Google dominates search, with a market share somewhere in the region of 85%. So if you’re not on Google or you’re not getting found on Google, then you’ve got problems.

But don’t worry. This is where myself and my wonderful team come in…

What Can We Do For You?

Quite a lot as it happens.

Digital marketing is made up of a wide range of components that each have their unique and invaluable ways of helping to increase search engine ranks, trust and authority, inbound traffic, user experience and ultimately attracting and retaining customers.

From the range of service shown below, we tailor specialist marketing strategies to each of our clients needs by taking a holistic approach that specifically fulfil their objectives and get the results they need.

We’ve worked with various size of companies from start-ups, to long established national corporations. So no matter which category you fall into, we’re confident we have the necessary capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Simon Says…

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    Key Team Members

    Simon Marketing Director

    Chief strategist and head honcho who pulls in all necessary team members and resources to get unbeatable results for our clients.

    Learn More »
    Glenn Full Stack Developer

    Not just a great problem solver, Glenn boasts a very unique blend of creative and technical abilities which makes him a very rare breed.

    Learn More »
    Akin Digital Marketing Analyst

    Our most recent recruit who comes with added youthful enthusiasm, a fresh eye and passion for search engine marketing.

    Learn More »
    Steve Content Specialist

    A versatile and highly experienced results focussed content writer, who helps client articles outrank the competition.

    Learn More »
    Ravi Analytics Specialist

    Our in-house Google Analytics whizz kid, who ensures user behaviour tracking is accurate, detailed and insightful.

    Learn More »
    Abby Snooze Specialist

    As a founding member since 2011, Abby has perfected the art of doing as little as possible whilst getting away with it.

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    Our Services

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Results driven SEO that delivers the full benefits of increased search ranks, organic traffic & user conversion rates.

    Content Marketing

    Informative, rich content that drives targeted traffic, builds influence & increased exposure within your industry.

    SEO Consultancy

    Expert mentoring to corporations & agencies looking to maintain marketing campaign oversight and control in-house.

    Link Building

    High powered ethical white hat link building that will propel your site to the upper reaches of your target keywords.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Fine tune your website to ensure visitors achieve a positive experience & become repeat transactional customers.

    SEO Training

    Tailored tuition to elevate your web development teams skills, ensuring all projects are future proof & SEO ready.

    On-Page Optimisation

    Fully supercharge your website for targeted keyword optimisation & maximise organic ranking potential & click-through rates.

    Blogger Outreach

    Uncover suitable editorial partners to publish original content to build authority, improved ranks & referring traffic.

    Pay Per Click

    Bring targeted customers to your online store via fully managed PPC campaigns, to deliver maximum ROI.