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Supercharge your site for speed & ease of use

No one likes a slow website that takes an age to load. If this sounds familiar, chances are you’re losing a ton of traffic and potential business opportunities due to technical SEO issues.

According to a Google study, 53% of mobile users exit websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. With over half the web now using mobile devices, this cannot be ignored! So… when’s the last time you tested your website speed? If your site’s dragging it’s heels due to poorly conceived code, bloated images and style sheets, your website’s bounce rate will be off the charts!

In this fast paced world with endless connectivity, people are short on time and lacking in patience. A mobile phone or tablet struggling with a 3G or 4G connection will take an age to load a website several megabytes in size. If that happens, visitors will simply give up and go elsewhere.

Don’t be a victim of poor coding and lazy image optimisation! Get your website supercharged and trimmed down to ensure it loads quickly, efficiently and consistently across multiple devices and operating systems.

With a strong eye for clean code and stringent quality control measures, we’ll have your website ready for the fast lane, so you’ll always be ahead in the race versus the competition.

Our Approach

The key to a great website is about giving your users a good experience. But what defines or influences a ‘good experience’ exactly? Well in actual fact, the answer is many things…

Page Load Speed

Page load speed is everything in today’s world. With billions of people across the globe owning smart phones and handheld devices reliant on mobile data, you can’t make the assumption that your site will load fast no matter where someone is located.

Over-bloated code reliant on external resources or superfluous resources just slows page load speeds down. Lazy web development with images and media that haven’t been scaled or optimised will just exacerbate the problem.

So if you want visitors to come to your website and stick around, make sure your web pages load in milliseconds on multiple cross-platform devices.


In many cases, scores of websites are not being found on Google search results because they’re not crawlable. If Googlbot can’t see your web pages, they won’t be included on search results  – period! And if you’re not found in search results, you’re invisible to the entire world.

We’ll ensure all your pages and sites structures are fully indexable to give you the best chance of ranking.

Dead Ends

Sites that have scaled organically over time can suffer from poor content management and in many cases, lead to dead ends or 404 ‘page not found’ errors. There’s nothing worse than a user experience that offers unnavigable road blocks.

We’ll get to work to locate and identify any areas of concern, and ensure the user experience remains fluid and continuous throughout your site.


Sadly, the internet is becoming a place where criminality and security are of major concern. It’s imperative that your site runs on an SSL certificate to ensure all data passed between you and the end user is encrypted and secure. Nowadays, anything less is simply unacceptable.

Our team will ensure your site is fully configured to correctly run securely – page by page, link by link.

Structured Data

As new standards emerge, it’s critical to stay one step ahead of the game. And structured data is an essential recent addition to web standards that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s easy to assume that Google knows how to categorise and index your content, but that’s not always the case. Structured data is the easiest and most effective way of telling Googlebot about your content and how to interpret it.

Why Choose Us?

With a long standing background in web design and development spanning back to the mid-90’s, we know a thing or two about coding practices and standards compliance.

It’s takes an experienced eye to spot obvious flaws and pitfalls in code that we commonly see on sites that are poorly optimised and crudely conceived.

Even though the vast majority of sites are built on common open-source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and others, don’t make the mistake of assuming the are ready to go out of the box!

It only takes a careless web developer to take a solid core platform such as those and overlook critical essentials that will deprecate the sites performance and lead to poor results.

If your site is seriously lagging behind the competition, you need to speak to us.

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    What is technical SEO?

    Technical SEO is the process of optimising your website for accessing, crawling and indexing. Technical SEO helps to improve user experience by improving page load speed, as well as helping search engines access, crawl and interpret your content.

    My site works. Does it really need a technical audit?

    Most website owners are blissfully unaware of how important the technical aspects of their website are. On the surface your website may appear fine, but under the hood it could tell a completely different story that reveals issues that could hinder search engine visibility, good user experience and ultimately visitor numbers.

    Does technical SEO affect Google ranking?

    Google uses more than 200 ranking factors and many of those are regarded as technical issues, such as page load speed, website security (SSL), ease of use and numerous others. Sites that are technically optimised do tend to rank better than others, although a technical audit will not influence ranks considerably in isolation, compared to link building for example. Technical SEO should be seen as just one of the many necessary processes required to optimise a website.

    How can I test my website page load speed?

    Fortunately, there are many free website page load speed tests online that can help tell you if your website speed is poor. The most obvious one to use first is Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, which will give your website both a desktop and mobile page load score. It will also tell you areas of concern and recommendations to improve your page load speed.

    My site is under construction. Can you do a technical audit on a new site?

    Yes, it is highly recommended to run thorough technical audits on both old and new websites. Whether your site is old or new, it will benefit greatly from having a technical audit carried out to identify any areas of concern that need rectifying.

    When should technical SEO be carried out?

    We recommend that technical SEO should be carried out in the very early stages of the search engine optimisation process. Our mantra is to take a holistic approach to SEO. A technical audit carried out alongside on-page optimisation will ensure your site is in the best shape possible, ready to be marketed and used by the wider public.

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