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Invaluable technical learning from the industry’s best

Want to develop an in-house search marketing team, yet don’t know where to start? Get one-to-one SEO training from a proven digital strategist!

To the untrained novice, search engine optimisation seems like a minefield. And that’s because it is! There’s no fast-track shortcuts to becoming a successful digital marketer but with the right guidance, you’ll quickly learn the fundamentals that lead to success, and avoid common pitfalls.

Good SEO starts with the right foundations. Far too often we see budding marketers go straight for the jugular by diving head first into content, link building and overly aggressive techniques, whilst overlooking the most important factors of all – research and strategy!

When working with us, we gauge a complete understanding of your team’s existing SEO methods, good or bad. We then tailor a training regime suited specifically to them that will take positive, corrective action.

Whether new to digital marketing or a long standing professional, we can help you to eliminate commonly repeated mistakes and refocus on effective best practice routines that will propel your marketing efforts to whole new levels, whilst increasing efficiency and productivity.

Not only will you become better, more effective marketers. You’ll have the knowledge and insight to building your business at scale by using tools and methods that have worked for us for several years.

If you’re serious about becoming a successful digital marketer, speak to us today about tailored one-to-one training.

Our Approach

French philosopher Simone Weil once said “The most important part of teaching is to teach what it is to know” and nothing can be truer when it comes to learning digital marketing. There’s so much disinformation, confusion and contradiction that surrounds search engine optimisation, that it can become exhausting trying to understand what is and what is not.

When you work with us, we’ll lift the fog and so-called mystery surrounding SEO and illustrate methods that work through clear thinking and simplistic explanation. Digital marketing isn’t complicated, so why should learning it be difficult?

Whether you’re new to this arena or have struggled with it for years, our SEO training will be a breath of fresh air and open new doors of possibility and inspiration.


Gauge a clear understanding of existing knowledge and processes to outline training pathway.


Implement processes that make understanding and learning an organic and natural process.


Step-by-step mentoring to ensure best practices are learned through real-world application.


Ongoing support to ensure post-training methods follow effective marketing techniques.

Why Choose Us?

With over 25 years experience in training web design, search engine optimisation and digital strategy, there’s simply no one we we can’t help to become a better marketer.

Having educated all walks of life from interns and junior employees, to sole traders and external agency teams, our students have all benefitted from learning processes and methods that make understanding and implementing proven search marketing techniques a doddle.

If you’re currently in charge of your organisations search marketing but are simply not getting the desired results, speak to us today about one-to-one tailored SEO training.

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    Client Testimonials


    What does SEO stand for?

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation. The practice of SEO is to improve a website’s organic ranking in the search engine results pages, with the aim of getting more free organic traffic via a number of relevant keywords directly associated with the website in question.

    I know nothing about SEO. Can I still be trained?

    Absolutely, yes! Anyone with a PC or Mac and some basic computer literacy skills can become a successful SEO. In fact, many successful search marketers started out in a completely different profession and jumped on the SEO bandwagon for a change of career. So anyone can do it, including you!

    Someone told me SEO is dead. is that true?

    At last check, Google was still the world’s largest search engine commanding a market share north of 90%. Millions of searches are conducted on Google every day, with the majority clicking links on organic search results. So if this is the case, there’s no way SEO is dead, right?

    Do you train remotely or face-to-face?

    Our training regimes are completely flexible and built around your preference. Some students like to have regular face-to-face sessions each week, whilst others prefer remote learning where they can ask questions via video link or email, and be guided accordingly. As every student has differing skill sets, no two curriculums are the same. Every training regime is custom tailored to your existing knowledge and ultimate aims.

    What does your SEO training cover?

    Our training covers every single aspect of SEO. What you are taught will greatly depend on your existing knowledge and skills. But we will ensure you are following best practices in every aspect of SEO from keyword research, to on-page optimisation, technical audits, conversion rate optimisation, content research and marketing, outreach selection and techniques, link metrics and ethical link building, to competitors research and analysis. The list goes on…

    How much does SEO training cost?

    Understandably, every student is unique with differing skills set. So where one may be a complete novice, another may already has solid knowledge of several fundamentals. So our pricing is always based on your budgetary restraints and the amount of time you’d like to train each week. Our hourly rate is £60.00 so the cost depends entirely on the number of hours you need to be trained to become proficient enough to get going by yourself.

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