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Getting you back in business quickly & efficiently

Hired an SEO promising the world, only to have your website smashed in search results? Sounds like they embarked on a spammy link building campaign that could destroy your business.

Getting penalised by Google, whether manual action or algorithmic is no laughing matter. When it happens, it can literally ruin a business overnight.

Whether intensionally or accidentally, link building is a tricky business and one not to be left in the hands of a charlatan. If the mess is extensive, the clean up work can be vast. Thankfully, we can help get you out of jail.

Getting back into Google’s good books is a methodical process that requires thorough investigation, clear organisation, and transparent reporting of links discovered, audited and removed.

To a complete novice, this mammoth task could take several weeks to learn after which time, the damage is already done and it’s too late to recover.

Thankfully, our team has extensive experience in the processes of finding and identifying links that carry high levels of toxicity that need removing or disavowing fast.

If your site’s been penalised, there’s no time to waste. Act now and speak to us about getting your business back online before it’s too late.

Our Approach

Using deep backlink analysis software alongside a number of third party applications, we’ll verify and score each and every link to your website. In quick time, we can locate and identify those are most likely to be causing a penalty in Google search results.

Once discovered, all links will be logged and marked accordingly. Where Google requires manual review, we will liaise directly with them until they are completely satisfied all toxic links have been taken down or disavowed as required.

Google Search Console

Check Google Search Console to verify any manual actions applied and act accordingly.

Algorithmic Penalty

Correlate rank drops using time periods between lost traffic and new algorithm updates.

Link Mining

Deep link analysis to find all new and historical links, with toxicity scoring.

Link Removal

Remove toxic links via direct outreach to webmasters or by disavow in Google Search Console.

Logging & Reporting

Log and report all links found, identified and removed offering full transparency of work done.

Why Choose Us?

Having successfully brought several penalised websites back from the brink, we know a thing or two about getting penalties revoked and sites back in business.

Put simply, there’s no quick and easy fix if your site has been penalised. It takes time and a complete understanding of Google’s link scoring systems to successfully identify the main culprits and purge them quickly and effectively.

Never leave a bad backlink to chance. Speak to us today to get your site back in the search engine results and trading again.

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    What is a Google penalty?

    A Google penalty is applied when they deem your site has conducted activities that contravene their webmaster guidelines. The most common cause is spammy link building, in an attempt to manipulate search results. When a penalty occurs, a site is usually demoted in search results or worse, completely removed!

    What is a backlink?

    Backlinks refer to inbound links coming from third party sites to your own. In Google’s eyes, a link is perceived as a ‘vote’ of confidence, as any linking site is telling their readers that you are a useful resource and worth visiting.

    What is considered a bad backlink?

    Any links that are built or gained via link building schemes, such as link farms, low quality directories, paid or rented links, private blog networks and generally spammy content, is considered a bad backlink. This type of link building is referred to as “black-hat” link building or spamdexing.

    How do you get a link penalty?

    If you embark on a campaign of link building en masse, using techniques such as link exchanges, link networks, paid links, over-optimised anchor text or links that are generally from toxic neighbourhoods, you increase the chances of receiving a penalty.

    Algorithmic vs manual action penalty - what's the difference

    Algorithmic penalties occur when Googlebot crawls a website and discovers recent unnatural linking strategies, which may lead to ranking drops for certain target keywords.

    As the name suggests, a manual action penalty is issued manually by a member of the Google search team if they suspect your website has been involved in unscrupulous link building activities. If you’ve been issued a manual action penalty, you may notice that one, several or even worst, your entire website has disappeared from search results. The severity of a manual penalty depends on how badly your website broke Google’s webmaster guidelines.

    Can you recover from a Google penalty?

    Yes, but the time that it takes to recover greatly depends on the severity of your own rule breaking.

    If you only built a handful of offending links, then the time taken to identify and remove links should be fairly short. If you have been building toxic links for months or even years, the process could be far longer.

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