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Reach the biggest audiences with incredible targeted content

‘Content is king’ is the oldest internet marketing cliché around but in truth, only well-researched topical content produces tangible results – anything else is just filler!

Are you regularly publishing content, yet getting no results? Sounds like you’ve fallen into the ‘content is king’ trap. Only thoroughly researched content that is geared towards your audiences’ search intent will ever get qualified, relevant traffic. Yet we see site owners and bloggers get stuck in this endless cycle time and again.

Whether publishing content on your site or third party blogs, the rules are the same. Write content people are actively searching for.

If you don’t know what your audience is looking for, then how can you possibly know what to write about? It seems glaringly obvious on the face of it, but this applies to every website on the internet – without a single exception.

If you’re writing and publishing content for the sake of it, then stop. All it takes is the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned content marketer to put you on the right tracks with content that is of the highest quality, on point and keyword optimised for topics that are actively searched online.

Speak to us about content marketing and tailored content strategies that will drive immeasurable levels of traffic to your site that you only imagined were possible before. Because when it comes to content, we believe we’re king!

Our Approach

Effective content creation and marketing is all about dot joining – knowing what your audience is looking for and then providing them with the content they want. Do that, and they will come in their droves. Better still, they’ll stick around for longer and return again.

Topical Research

Before a single line of content is written, we’ll get to work on the research stage. No matter what niche your business operates in, there’s always content people are looking for. Our job is to identify that content and devise strategies to create and deliver it. Good content always starts with search intent. Know what your audience is looking for and the rest is easy!

Keyword Targeted

Once we’ve identified the type of content your audiences want, the next step is to find keyword phrases that drive the most search queries. The process is really quite simple – if you understand how your audience thinks, creating content to suit becomes all the more easier!

Outgun the Competition

It’s highly likely that once we discover topics and keywords that are generating high search volumes, your competitors may have published content to suit. Don’t worry – we’ll analyse why competing articles are ranking high and find weaknesses to exploit that will give our skyscraper content the best possible chance of leapfrogging them on search results.

Drive Traffic

Whether on your site or on third party blogs, our core aim is to drive qualified traffic that will boost your online reputation, visitor numbers and ultimately, sales conversions. Our content will act as a gateway to opening new business opportunities and help your audience engage with your website in a more positive way.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike many search marketers, we’re keen researchers and writers who have the confidence and knowledge to create compelling content that will boost your internet visibility, and drive significant visitor growth.

We fully understand that as business owners, you simply don’t have the time or resources required to write and distribute regular content. That’s our job!

Put your trust in us and we’ll research and write content that will build your reputation as an authoritative source for all things within your niche and thus, build brand recognition, increased traffic and ultimately wealth creation.

Stop writing content for the sake of it! Speak to us about targeted content creation and marketing that will boost your rankings and build your business.

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    What is content marketing?

    Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing content online with the aim of targeting and attracting a clearly defined, qualified audience to ultimately drive increased traffic, brand recognition and transactional customers.

    Does content marketing work?

    Yes, content marketing does work if the content produced and distributed is relevant to your business niche and ultimately, discusses topics that are actively searched by a significant audience online. The additional traffic helps to increase engagement, trust and authority in your brand, which invariably improves organic search engine ranks.

    Why is content marketing important?

    The web relies on good content to make a users search experience a positive one. Without content, search results would be lacking in web pages, which helps people make informed purchasing choices. By producing high quality informative content, you enable yourself to connect with your audience on a personal level and build greater trust in your brand that will help persuade them to buy from you rather than your competitors.

    What's the benefit of content marketing?

    Above all else, it’s about making people buy from you with confidence. Creating great content helps to build meaningful relationships and trust in you as an authoritative source within your niche. By sharing and distributing useful information, it differentiates you from your competitors and puts you in a position of trust and knowledge in your industry, which builds brand recognition and online reputation.

    How do you measure content marketing success?

    Content marketing success greatly depends on your overall objectives. This will help you to identify your key performance indicators (KPIs) when analysing metrics once your content marketing efforts have began.

    Typical indicators are increases in traffic for targeted keywords or search phrases from various sources i.e search engines, social media, referring sites, time on page, engagement levels, lead generation, sales conversions and finally, organic search keyword rank increases.

    Is content marketing different to SEO?

    Whilst the two may be intrinsically linked, SEO is directly about improving keyword ranks in organic search results, via on-page improvements and off-site link building. Content marketing on the other hand is more broad based, and is a strategy that encompasses acquiring traffic from multiple sources including search, social, email and referring third party sites. Ideally, both should be carried out collectively as they compliment each other to achieve the same goal.

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