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Putting you on the path to long term digital marketing success

Does your business need to get ahead of the chasing pack, but you don’t know how? It’s time you spoke to a seasoned digital marketing pro!

As a professional web designer and digital marketer, I’ve been in this industry now for over 25 years. In relative terms, that makes me pretty long in the tooth. But anyone with any business sense knows, experience is where it really counts.

With a client portfolio ranging from large multi-national corporates to humble SME’s, I’ve worked with every size of organisation. And what they all have in common is the need to improve their marketing efforts by only focussing on techniques that actually work and eliminating those that don’t.

As an SEO consultant, I can help to improve your team’s existing skill set, sharpen focus on best-practice techniques and streamline processes that get truly measurable results.

Time and again, I see clients repeatedly make the same mistakes yet expect different results. My role is to weed out the insanity of wasted effort that yields little return, and to focus efforts on methods that work in delivering short and long term success.

If your business is continually stuck in second gear, now’s the time to put the brakes on your current digital strategies. Let’s make a fresh start by having a serious conversation about getting your marketing plans fine tuned and producing measurable results. Contact me today to get started.

My Approach

It goes without saying that every business is unique, no matter the industry. Whether cultural, operational or strategic, every organisation has their own way of doing things. When it comes to digital marketing, some have cracked the code whilst others are still getting to grips with it all.

As a SEO consultant, it’s my role to fully understand your company culture and methodologies and ultimately, to clarify your overall objectives. As a mentor, I will direct your team on a pathway of success by helping them to understand marketing methods that really work and those to ditch.

Like every SEO project, I’ll take a holistic approach by reviewing and auditing every aspect of your digital strategies. By working in collaboration with your team, we’ll identify areas of weakness that need addressing and positions of strength to exploit.


Audit every aspect of existing digital strategies to identify areas of strength and weakness.


Create results driven strategies covering a wide spectrum of digital marketing techniques.


Implement marketing strategies through direct one-to-one mentoring and team leadership.


Closely review techniques and strategies applied to ensure quality control and frequency.


Analyse net effect of marketing techniques to measure rank changes, traffic growth and ROI.

Why Choose Me?

Over the years, I’ve won prestigious awards for the likes of Shell, University of Kent and Essex Police to name a few. I’ve helped businesses increase traffic and conversion revenues to new highs they never thought possible.

But it’s all very well me blowing my own trumpet. What really matters is what others have said about me and my work. So head over to my testimonials page and there you’ll find genuine, unfiltered reviews of my digital marketing efforts for clients past and present.

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    Client Testimonials


    What does an SEO consultant do?

    An SEO consultant’s job is to audit and review a website’s search engine performance and to put forward measures that business owners and marketing teams can use to develop and implement improved digital strategies.

    Can you guarantee number one ranking on Google?

    No one can or ever should guarantee number ranking on Google under any circumstances. In fact, if you’ve had a conversation with an SEO consultant making these claims, turn and run away as fast as you can!

    How do you measure success of an SEO campaign?

    Measuring success greatly depends on your overall objectives. But in most instances, significantly improved target keyword rankings, increased organic traffic and of course, sales growth are ultimately the key performance indicators that really matter.

    How do you communicate with my team?

    Ultimately, the most suitable communication channels are down to your own preference. Some clients prefer face-to-face meetings, whilst others prefer distance based communication via telephone, email or video conferencing. Ultimately, it is my job to identify where you may need to adjust your marketing approaches and the outcome of this usually influences the way we decide to work together.

    How much does your SEO consultancy cost?

    Each and every client’s demands differ so understandably, there’s no one size fits all fee. However, in most cases SEO consultancy retainers range from £500-£1000 per month. Depending on the scale and depth of the tasks involved, fees are calculated on the number of hours per month required to achieve agreed objectives.

    Is there any minimum term?

    There’s no fixed term contracts and you can employ my services for as long or as little as you wish. All I ask is for 30 days notice to cancel as reports are sent outlining progress for the following month, with invoicing fees issued in arrears.

    With some clients having been with me in excess of 5-10 years now, it’s testament to the fact that business owners really do see the true value in what I do.

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