On-Page Optimisation

Fine tune your source code for relevancy & ranking

On-page optimisation is potentially the most overlooked aspect of web design and development, yet critically important. Without it, your website has no chance of ranking – period!

Time and again, we see websites launched that will never rank, simply because crucial on-page optimisation has either been ignored or inadvertently overlooked.

This crucial process involves the improvement of page content for users & search engines, with tasks such as optimising source code tags, internal links & URL structures, just to name a few.

In an ideal world, on-page optimisation should always take place before a website is launched. However, this is rarely ever the case. We often see common mistakes made by web designers & developers who either overlook this essential part of the building process or worse still, do it completely wrong!

Without conducting thorough best practice on-page SEO, you’re highly unlikely to ever rank for your target keywords. In many cases, everyday web developers lack necessary in-depth knowledge of this critical task and thus, websites get launched when unfit for purpose. This is where we come in…

As past web designers ourselves, we have the competitive advantage of knowing how to take existing source code and give it the correct treatment.

Our Approach

Once you give us the keys to your website, we’ll look at every aspect of the how each page has been built and devise a plan to implement best practice changes that will make a marked improvement. Our root and branch approach to on-page optimisation will cover every necessary aspect of your site, with no stone unturned.

Unrivalled Experience

With our extensive experience in web design and development spanning back to the 1990’s, you can have absolute confidence that once we’ve done our work, the results will be tangible. Our work will be non-invasive, meaning your website will look and feel exactly as is yet our adjustments will show a marked improvement in search results.

Keyword Relevance

Keyword relevancy and competition levels are key to selecting target phrases. We’ll thoroughly research your market to identify appropriate target keywords to match your existing site structures, and then optimise appropriate content to suit. Where no content exists, we’ll advise you and work collaboratively to ensure new content is built to maximise opportunities to rank and bring in qualified traffic.

Solid Foundations

Each and every page of your site will be optimised, leaving nothing to chance. This crucial foundation stage is an absolute must before any further marketing tasks are enacted. Without it, Google simply won’t be able to join the dots and your website will slip down the ranks into search engine oblivion.

Ready for Launch

It’s important to note that we never take on any new SEO client without going through this critical phase – as search marketers, we need to have absolute 100% confidence that the website we’re promoting is ready and up to speed. Otherwise, results will be poor which reflects badly on us. So in our view, on-page optimisation is a must, with no corner cutting.

Why Choose Us?

With a client portfolio that goes back over 15 years, with many still being with us from day one, you can have total confidence that when we say we can deliver, we do.

Results are all that matters in this business so we’re more than happy to say – judge us on those results!

We offer incredibly flexible and affordable packages that do not tie you down to long term contracts. You can stay with us for as long or a little as you wish. But we are so confident in the results that we can achieve for you, we’re certain you’ll want to stick around.

In fact, many clients after seeing the results we achieve have asked themselves the question why they didn’t hire us sooner? So if you’re in this situation, get in touch with us today and let’s start your journey to greater success.

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    What is on-page optimisation?

    On-page optimisation (sometimes referred to as on-page SEO), is the practice of improving and optimising the existing page content on your website for targeted keywords and search phrases. The process involves a number of critical changes including optimising page titles, headings, description tags, content quality, internal and external links, URL slugs and so much more.

    How long does on-page optimisation take?

    Every website differs in size and scale so it’s understandable that the time required to complete on-page changes can vary greatly. As a basic benchmark, it should only take minutes to improve a single WordPress page if the theme is correctly built and the site is running necessary plugins. If the site is custom built on the other hand and on-page optimisation requires changes at source code level, the process could take far longer.

    How quickly will I see results?

    Once on-page optimisation has been completed, it should only be a matter of days until you start to see changes in ranks on Google. Of course, changes will only start to take effect once Google has re-indexed the pages that were updated. So any movement in ranks is totally dependent on how quickly Googlebot gets to work and re-indexes the site. Sometimes it can be several days, and in rare cases weeks until this happens.

    I've already had my website optimised. Do I need to do this?

    On-page optimisation is a very subjective process. Where one person may claim to have optimised a website, another may disagree by finding issues or areas of concern that may have been overlooked. So whilst you may believe your site is in good order, we will still go through this process as part of our ‘root and branch’ approach to SEO.

    Put it this way… if your site is in good order, then there should be no reason to be speaking to search engine marketers, right? So if you’re here, there must be a problem to solve.

    Someone told me to stuff keywords on my page. Does this work?

    Absolutely not! If you have been told to do this, you have been given terrible advice. Keyword stuffing will only harm your ranks. Googlebot’s AI has long been able to identify keyword stuffing, so if this is a practice you have been involved with – see you at the bottom!

    Will I rank on Google page one after your work is completed?

    On-page optimisation is just one facet of search engine optimisation, so it needs to be understood that it’s very rare to see a website jump from nowhere to the first page of Google after only having conducted this in isolation.

    We regard on-page SEO as a foundation process that is absolutely necessary to give your website the best chance of ranking as high as it can. So it should never be seen as a single solution to ranking top for all your target keywords.

    My website is under construction. Should I optimise it now?

    100% absolutely – yes! Where possible, we advise any client that is in the process of building a new website to optimise before it goes live. It is far easier to put best practices in place at development stage rather than retrospectively. We see countless examples of new sites getting launched to replace older ones, only then for the new site to perform worse in Google that its predecessor. Don’t fall into this common trap – speak to us about on-page SEO before you launch any new website.

    What's the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO?

    On-page SEO is the process of optimising your website content for targeted keywords, whilst off-page (or off-site) SEO is about creating content on third party external sites with the aim of driving traffic, inbound links or brand awareness to your site. The two processes are completely different and totally separate from one another.

    Put in simple terms, on-page SEO is what your site says to search engines about your content, whilst off-page SEO is what other sites say about your content to search engines.

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