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Powerful inbound signals that propel your ranks

When it comes to SEO, links matter most – period. Yet it’s no longer the quantity of link building that matters, but the quality. This is why we only build links that smash the competition.

In years past, hundreds of links built en masse would be the order of the day to improve ranks and increase traffic. Not anymore! Google’s algorithms have changed long since, so there’s no shortcuts to the top.

Good link building requires a clearly devised strategy combining a range of SEO disciplines to not only be effective, but ethical too. When it comes to high authority link building, we know what links to build and how to get them.

Since Google’s numerous draconian algorithm updates rolled out years past, many digital marketers have given up the ghost when it comes to link building. In fear of creating toxic inbound link signals, they have shied away from this single most influential ranking factor. And why you might ask? Because it exposed poor practices and a lack of know-how!

We continue to build links to this very day in exactly the same way as before, with just one exception. Quality must supersede quantity. No two links carry the same value anymore, so when we devise strategies to get links via a range of techniques, we ensure they are acquired ethically and from sources that will propel your ranks to new heights.

Every link we build will show a positive net effect on your key metrics, so you know you can count on us to build backlinks that will rock your world.

Our Approach

Let’s get one thing straight… link building is a tricky business. Gone are the days when scores of links could be created from any source without a care in the world. Nowadays, one wrong step and you could be in serious hot water!

That’s why we emphasise the planning and strategy stage are absolutely critical to a successful link building campaign. Links created must be natural, follow set Google guidelines and above all, offer tangible benefits. Any link built must come from a reputable neighbourhood and point to a target that has relevancy and adds value to the end user. Anything less, and you could wind up in jail with a manual action penalty.

That’s why entrusting us to build your links is a sound decision. We get results by building links on sites that are regarded are expert, authoritative, trusted sources. Anything less is just spam!

Keyword Researched

We’ll find suitable target keywords that offer a realistic chance of ranking alongside solid traffic levels. Why bash heads with a corporate giant, when you can enjoy a steady flow of business by exploiting the lower hanging fruit that so often gets overlooked?


Joining the dots is critical to successful SEO. Before a single link is built, we’ll ensure your website is ready to go and has been fully optimised to suit identified keywords and target phrases.


Every link built will come from a source that is regarded as a reputable neighbourhood, ideally within your niche or publishes content related to your niche. We have a zero tolerance policy towards spam, and simply won’t build links that we consider to be.


We only want to build links that will stick and give longer term benefits. That’s why we only publish content and links on sites that have a solid history and have been a trusted resource for a considerable time.


Every type of link we build will come from a range of different sites using a variety of different natural anchors, ensuring your backlink profile appears natural and organic.


Link building is all about improving organic search engine ranks. So when we build links, we only build them with one core objective in mind – to get you to the very top!

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to link building, we’ve been around the block a few times. With over 20 years experience in the web design and digital marketing arenas, we know thing or two about link building.

In fact, we’re honest enough to say we’ve had a fingers burned a couple of times for trying to take the odd shortcut. Thankfully, these were only applied to experimental sites we used to test techniques for research and development purposes. But it taught us a lot!

So when you work with us, you work with a team that insists on best practices only and uses link building techniques that work without any strings attached.

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    What is link building?

    Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from third party websites pointing to your own in an effort to improve search engine ranks, page authority and referring traffic. Links may take the form of text links, image links, buttons or adverts.

    Why are links so important?

    Google is said to use over 200 ranking factors when determining how and where you website should rank in organic search results. It is generally agreed amongst digital marketers that inbound links are still the number one signal that influences search engine rank the most. And it is with this reason alone that it’s so important that your website has a high number of authoritative backlinks pointing to it.

    Does relevancy matter with link building?

    Absolutely. If you get a link from a site that is completely unrelated to your niche or from a blog post that is about a subject completely unrelated to your industry, chances are it may cause a negative effect. Ideally, you need authoritative links from websites that are directly related to your industry or in the very least, content that discusses your niche.

    Do anchor text keywords still work?

    Contrary to what some ‘experts’ might say, yes they do. However, like most things in life, everything in moderation!

    It’s perfectly acceptable to have some keyword anchored text links pointing to relevant content on your site, but if you start spamming, it’s clear to Google you are trying to deliberately manipulate search results. For that, you’ll just wind up in search engine jail!

    Variety is the spice of life as they say, so it pays to acquire links from a variety of sources using a range of links using naked URLs, brand mentions, long-tail and short-tail keywords, as well as keyword anchors. By doing so, you’ll benefit just as much and will keep your nose clean.

    Do only "dofollow" links hold value?

    Not especially. In the past, Google would usually ignore any links tagged with the “nofollow” attribute but in recent times, they have softened their stance on these types of links. So if you are able to acquire a “nofollow” link from a high authority source, it’s still very much worthwhile.

    Remember, there’s other benefits besides link juice. High ranking sites will enjoy incredible visitor levels which will drive referring traffic to your site, not to mention help increase brand awareness and build your reputation and authority.

    Is link building ethical?

    The simple answer to this question depends on the types of links you want to build and where you build them.

    If your sole intention is to build as many links as fast as you can, on as many sites as you can, no matter what the sites are – then good luck. You’ll be in search engine jail in no time!

    If however you plan to use a carefully devised strategy to start building relationships with third party websites directly related to your niche, and publish great content on those sites or invite others to link to your content, this is perfectly ethical and considered ‘white-hat SEO’.

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