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Reaching customers right on your doorstep

With many businesses looking to attract customers nationwide, it’s a common mistake to overlook the most important customers of all – those right on your doorstep via local SEO!

It’s easy to get swept away by ambitions of ranking page one of Google’s organic results for widely searched generic terms when in fact, local search is one of the fastest growing search trends of recent years.

With mobile devices dominating search traffic, it’s highly conceivable that most of your customers are looking for products or services local to them. So if you’re not visible in local search, chances are you’re missing out on highly lucrative business opportunities.

According to Google, 46% of searches have a local intent, yet a staggering 56% of local retailers fail to claim their Google My Business Listing! It’s clear, many businesses overlook the huge benefits of local search. On this basis, it makes complete sense to firstly become an established brand in your immediate vicinity and attract local business first.

By getting ranked on Google’s local pack, you are more likely to succeed quicker than trying to aim for the promised land of Google page one for high compete keywords, which requires time and investment.

The fact is, Google’s local pack invariably displays above organics when a search triggers local business results. So on that basis, it makes complete sense to dominate local search before going national.

With an in-depth understanding of how Google’s local pack algorithms work, we’ll get your business displayed in the local pack in no time.

Our Approach

Getting a website included in Google’s local pack is a lot simpler and quicker than most people realise. However, ensuring your business is displayed in the promised land of the top three is a whole new ball game. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to get ranked for local searches…


With our extensive knowledge of Google My Business and the importance of having correct NAP (name, address & phone number) details displayed on your site and across various other third party sites, we’ll have you ranking in no time. The fact is, Google local prominence is all about presence and ensuring you are listed across numerous third party directories, business listings and more.


Our team has extensive knowledge of the best local directories that your business must be included on and more importantly, the ones to avoid! We also know about the importance of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (EAT). So we’ll ensure your business is listed only on sites that are dedicated to your industry, from trusted sources.

Local Matters

Local traffic is vital to any business, whether they serve a local community or have ambitions of going nationwide or global. Business presence starts at the source so make sure your business becomes a pillar the local community first!

Search is Changing

If your business has a physical address, there’s absolutely no reason why you would not want to be found on Google’s local pack. The simple fact is, voice search is becoming the “defacto go to” query and with more people on the move than ever before, they want to find local products and service providers near to them.

Why Choose Us?

As part of our overall SEO strategies, local SEO always plays a part – no matter what.

We’ve gotten incredible results for a wide variety of our clients across numerous sectors, from retail, to local businesses, law firms, vehicle repairs and car garages, cleaning companies, builders merchants and more. You name it… we’ve probably worked with them.

So if you want more local business and fast, come and speak to us first.

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    What is local SEO?

    Local SEO focusses on ranking your business in Google’s local pack of search results. These results invariably display above the organic listings, making them extremely desirable and lucrative. These results tend to display when a keyword triggers a result that Google deems the search intent to be of a local nature.

    Prime examples could be “find a dentist near me”, or “local lawyer” or “record stores in London”. Searches such as these will always trigger a local pack result.

    How long does local SEO take to work?

    Like any SEO assignment, every website is different so the time required can vary greatly. However the good news is, local SEO doesn’t usually take too long to implement. Whereas traditional search engine optimisation to rank in organic results can realistically take several months, local SEO results can start to appear in weeks and in some rare cases, even days!

    Our business has several branches. Do we still need local SEO?

    Yes. Businesses that have multiple branches will benefit greatly from local SEO. By having all of your branches individually listed in Google’s local pack, you’ll ensure that people can find you no matter where they are located in the country.

    I own a small retail store. Do I need local SEO?

    Yes, absolutely. Businesses like yours could benefit greatly from local SEO.

    Nowadays, shoppers and internet users are turning more to local boutique sellers and want to discover something new in their home town. If you’re not listed on Google’s local pack, then these shoppers will never find you.

    With the UK high street now struggling, and small business finding it more difficult to compete with the larger corporations, local SEO gives you the opportunity of getting found when people search for niche offerings like yours. This makes local SEO the perfect antidote against the bigger corporates who dominate the high street and push smaller traders out of business.

    My business doesn't have a physical address. Do I need local SEO?

    If you operate a business that does not have a physical address, such as an online business or a work from home business, then it is highly unlikely that you’ll need to be concerned with local SEO.

    My Google local listing has bad reviews. Does this matter?

    Hell yes! Bad reviews lead to bad reputations, so it’s critical to ensure you improve your products and services to customers and turn those single starts into five stars. Poor reviews also means your local listing will slip down the results. So it’s crucial that you maintain a reputation of being a great seller.

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