Instant exposure to attract transactional visitors

Time is of the essence when selling online. If you need results fast, pay-per-click ads are the single best route to gaining instant exposure for your business at the top of Google search results.

Let’s face it – getting ranked on page one in the organics is where every business wants to be, but time is rarely on our side. If you need transactional traffic in a hurry, a Google Ads campaign might just be the ticket.

Whether a long term complimentary strategy or short term solution, paid ads guarantee page one exposure if placed in the right hands. The cost outlay may be higher, but you’ll see the difference in visitors and converting traffic.

Our experienced team of pay-per-click experts know how to get the absolute maximum out of Google Ads, ensuring all common pitfalls are avoided and every opportunity to increase exposure is exploited.

To the untrained eye, Google Ads is and can be a minefield. Don’t fall into the common traps of setting up high burn-rate, low return campaigns using Google’s automation tools. Get a seasoned pro on the job to ensure you get maximum bang for your buck!

We’ll ensure every aspect of your campaign utilises the full suite of tools available to get maximum benefits. We’ll help devise ways to ensure your landing pages are optimised and ready to convert to give the very best return on investment possible.

Our Approach

Like traditional search marketing, paid ad campaigns are only as good as your groundwork. That’s why our team analyse and devise ways to ensure target landing pages are designed and optimised for appropriate keywords that are more likely to convert to transactional customers.

It’s common knowledge that large portions of campaign budgets get burned quickly due to poorly devised keyword strategies, badly written ads and under-performing landing pages. With our sharp eye for detail, we’ll ensure every aspect of the buyers journey is considered. As a result, you’ll get maximum return for your ad spend, leaving you to get back to running your business whilst we do the magic.

Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is crucial to any search marketing campaign, and PPC is no different. We’ll research a broad range of keywords related to your offering, ensuring the campaign uses only lower competition phrases that reduce costs and increase returns.

Full Set-Up

Our knowledgeable team will unlock the most critical tools buried down in the Google Ads suite, to help supercharge your campaign and prevent wasted clicks and increased costs. We’ll exploit every possible opportunity to ensure your campaign runs at maximum optimisation score.

Account Managed

Sit back and relax whilst our team fully manages and monitors your campaign. As highly experienced Google Ads users, we’ll identify and plug any obvious gaps in your campaign to ensure your ads only trigger relevant keywords that bring positive returns.

Decreased Costs

We’ll quickly identify and eliminate any irrelevant keywords that are triggering your ads, and filter our wasted click costs. Keyword bid costs will be aggressively monitored to ensure impression shares remain high, whilst ad spending is kept to a minimum.

Improved Performance

With rigorous testing and monitoring, we’ll ensure your campaign shows a continued upward curve. The longer our management progresses, the better the performance as we build a system that focusses only on the search queries that make a difference.

Custom Reporting

Every month, you’ll receive a detailed custom report outlining progress that compares key metrics month-to-month. With our zero jargon approach, you’ll have a full understanding of how our work is making the difference and improving your bottom line.

Why Choose Us?

With ongoing pay-per-click customers going back several years, it’s clear to see that our work really does pay back. To top it off, our monthly management fees are some of the most competitive in the business, making our PPC management service effective as well as affordable.

If you need results fast, or your current Google Ads team simply aren’t delivering the goods, speak to us about our pay-per-click management service.

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    What is pay-per-click advertising?

    Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of online advertising designed to drive traffic to your website via paid adverts that are clicked by users in search engine results.

    Typically, advertisers bid for keywords and those with the highest bids have their ads displayed closer to the top of the search results page.

    Why do I need my Google Ads managed?

    It’s common knowledge that the Google Ads suite is a very complex and in-depth dashboard, that takes a long time to fully learn and harness. A novice who has never used the Google Ads suite before could fall into several traps of setting up various aspects of their campaign incorrectly or worse still, completely overlooking several important configuration options. This can cause campaign budgets to burn quickly with very poor returns.

    What are the benefits of PPC ads?

    Getting to the top of Google organic search takes time, patience and a long term investment. Some businesses simply don’t have time to wait!

    By using Google Ads, you can get your business front and centre of search results in no time, and have qualified traffic visiting your site to make purchases or convert to warm leads and sign ups.

    What sites do you manage PPC ads on?

    With Google now dominating search, with a marketing share well in excess of 90% of all search queries worldwide, there’s really only one place to be. For this simple reason alone, we only manage PPC campaigns using the Google Ads system.

    Is PPC advertising expensive?

    With PPC advertising, you can spend as much or as little as you wish. Of course, the bigger the budget you have, the better chance of your ads displaying top of Google for a longer period.

    Every industry niche is different, so some businesses may find that bid costs are fairly modest whilst other competitive industries may find bid costs to be far more prohibitive.

    PPC vs SEO - which is best?

    There’s no hard and fast rule for either. Both of these marketing options offer very strong advantages in the long and short term.

    In summary, PPC is more instant but costly, as your website will be displayed in search results quicker but every click on your ads costs money. With SEO, getting to the first page of Google usually takes far longer but once you’re there, you never have to pay for a click on your links.

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