COVID-19 Statement – Business As Usual

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has presented the global economy with the most challenging period since the 1930’s, with uncertainty dominating our everyday lives.

Unsurprisingly, governments in many countries have been left with no option but to impose lockdowns in an attempt to thwart the spread of the virus COVID-19, and minimise loss of life.

This has left many businesses faced with the challenge of remote working, with staff unable to go to their usual place of work for fear of spreading or contracting the virus.

Never in recent modern history has our usual way of life faced such major disruption.

How We’re Adapting

In most cases, we are in the fortunate enough position to not have been greatly affected by the imposed changes the lockdown has presented.

At Esabi, we have long adopted a remote working philosophy, where the majority of our key team members work from home offices or at remote locations.

Technology has well and truly come to our rescue at the most desperate hour and we’re extremely grateful.

That is why we are pleased to inform our valued customers that no interruptions to our service will be felt as a consequence of the national lockdown.

In fact, for us it is business as usual.

Changes to Meetings

Naturally, any previously scheduled face-to-face meetings with clients will have to be adjusted.

We must adopt a zero risk policy for all our staff and clients alike, and therefore must insist that no meetings will take place in person until further notice.

In most cases, we have suggested the use of video conferencing software as the best alternative, which by and large has been well received by all.

The technology is there to enable all of us to offer a continuity of service, with a few changes that we’re sure we will all become accustomed to very quickly.

Supporting Customers

Like any crisis, it is without question that this pandemic and subsequent lockdown situation will lead to winners and losers.

Whilst we don’t see ourselves being directly in either of those two camps, we are acutely aware that many of our valued customers will be feeling the pressure this situation brings.

In times of trouble like these, we feel it is vitally important that businesses of all sizes try to help and support each other as best we can.

To us, this means showing a willingness to be more flexible and tolerant in times of financial strain.

We know that a certain group of our customers will no doubt struggle to contend with an unprecedented loss of income and pay their own bills.

That is why we are here to help and support those in need.

In an act of unity, we are now offering extended payment terms to those who are struggling to fulfil financial obligations.

We fully appreciate that is in out best interests to keep you as a client and more importantly, keep you in business and help see you through this daunting challenge.

When business opportunities are strained and consumer spending is tight, the last thing you want to do is limit your marketing exposure.

So we will continue to offer our professional support how and where we can, to give you the best possible chance of business continuity without pressuring you to settle bills under our usual payment terms.

If you succeed, we succeed.

So let’s all stand together and beat this thing as one unified force against COVID-19.

We’re convinced that if we stand strong, we will come out of this the better for it.

Staying Safe

Above all else, we want everyone to remain safe and healthy during this time.

But if you ever need us, were right here ready to help you.

So from all the team here at Esabi, we wish you continued good health and happiness for now and the future.